Giving Opportunities

Your contributions to Cross Roads Brethren in Christ Church make it possible our church to reach out and serve more.  Your gifts not only meet the needs of our local congregation, but also enable us to reach out to more people who need God, more children, more youth, more people in need, both in our community and around the world. 

Below is a list of the current giving opportunities.

Cross Roads Brethren in Christ Church

Local Budget:

Your giving to the local budget supports Cross Roads' ongoing ministry and mission in many ways:

  • Worship opportunities for 300 people every week
  • Sunday School, Summer Rec, Children and Youth programs for dozens of children and youth
  • Adult programs, men's ministries, women's ministries
  • Outreach events and activities for the local community
  • Support for Cooperative Ministries, and sponsored missionaries both locally and abroad
  • Operating costs for staff and building maintenance

Capital Fund:

Your giving to the capital fund supports building and capital improvement projects at Cross Roads Brethren in Christ Church:

  • Future building projects and site development
  • Church board approved capital improvement items
  • Liquidation of outstanding debt from the Family Life Center and Great Room renovation projects

Deacon Benevolence Fund:

Your giving to the deacon benevolence fund enables the deacons of our congregation reach out and minister to needs of the local congregation.  

Brethren in Christ Programs and Ministries:

BIC Cooperative Ministries

 · BIC World Missions

 · BIC Global Compassion Fund

Other programs and opportunities in the community and beyond:

Rainbows End Youth Services