New Giver

Cross Roads Brethren in Christ Church has a new, highly secure web-based Online Giving system.  You may use it for one time or recurring gifts to Cross Roads Brethren in Christ Church, from your checking or savings account.  Debit or credit cards are not accepted at this time, due to the transaction fees involved in these transactions. 

For your security, you must create a sign-in account on the Cross Roads Brethren in Christ Church online database website that works just the same as most online commerce sites.  This account provides you the ability to track your online giving, and print contribution statements. 

Create My Account:

After reading the instructions below, please click here, or paste the following address into your browser:


Step by Step Instructions:

You will see this screen.  Select "Need an account" option. Note the circle indicating where to click:


You will then see this screen, prompting you for your email address.
Enter your email address, and click the 'Next Step' button.
An email containing a unique security code will be sent to your email address.


You will then see this screen, asking you to enter the security code that was emailed to you.
Log into your email account, retrieve the security code, and enter it into this screen. 
Then click the 'Next Step' button.


You will then see this screen, where you will be able to setup your account.
Your email address and this password will be used to log into your Online Giving account.
After completing the form, click 'Setup Account' button.


If you have setup your account properly, you will see the following screen, which is your 'personal screen' in the Cross Roads online database.
Take a few minutes to complete the information on this page.  This will provide us with contact information about you and your household. 


From your 'personal screen', you will now be able to access the 'Giving' tab, to make a one-time contribution, or setup a recurring contribution.
For step-by-step instructions in entering your contribution on the 'Giving' tab, see the Getting Started page.

Click here, or paste the following address into your browser to create your account:

If you are unable to setup your account successfully, please contact the church office for assistance.

Call:  717-653-1616  9:00am-5:00pm EST, Monday-Friday
Email the Church Office