Our Mission
Making disciples that make disciples
(Matthew 28:20)

Our Discipleship Process

At Cross Roads we believe that growing as a disciple of Christ happens through a rather straightforward and simple process. Our process is described in three words:

  1. Worship
  2. Serve
  3. Connect

We fully believe that if you actively worship God, serve others, and find a group to connect with … you will grow in your relationship with God over time.  This is the foundation or starting point for growing as a disciple of Christ.

Worship  • Expressing your love and praise to God

Serve  • Serving others out of your giftedness and passion

Connect  • Finding a place where you “can do life together” with others


Why is this process so important?

  • Because lives need changing
  • Because God is not done with you yet
  • Because God is more concerned with your growth than with your comfort
  • Because we have somehow taken the concept of discipleship and made it way too complicated
  • Because too many of us are stalled in our spiritual lives
  • Because over time … you will grow
Our Vision
Connecting and growing together in Jesus
Shared Values
We Believe:

o   The church should be the most welcoming place

o   Life is better connected

o   Faith is measured by risk

o   In developing the next generation

o   God wants to do great things in and through us


Cross Roads is part of the Brethren in Christ denominational group of churches.

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