Young Adults


It's tough to nail down consistent patterns at our stage in life. That's why we are doing our best to provide consistency with our gatherings, so that you always know what's going on and where to find us. Here's what our rhythm looks like:



We meet together every Sunday morning at 10:30am, during the second service in the Fellowship Hall. We alternate between topical group discussions and some short teaching series. There is always, always coffee and snacks. Our Sunday Morning Gatherings provide the most consistent entry point to meeting new friends and building deeper relationships.



It's all in the title -- this is our fun outlet. We get together once a month for an activity or event that is relaxed and purely social. You can find us bowling, hiking, playing laser tag, throwing pool parties, and all sorts of other stuff. We know how stressful life is, so we make sure we go out of our way to do something purely enjoyable. 



This is the "go deeper" side of our ministry. Every third Friday of the month we meet in the Fellowship Hall at 7pm. There's often a short talk, than an opportunity to interact with God experientially and try something you might have never tried before. We've practiced things like listening and discerning God's voice together, learning to pray for healing, and engaging Scripture in a more personal way. This is the place where our souls can be shaped together, in a warm and welcoming environment.



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Who are you? What's the demographic like?

Good question. The "young adult" category is pretty broad, and sometimes gets used as a catch-all term to include the people that don't really know where they fit right now.

Yeah. We're alright with that.

We range from recent high school graduates to late-20somethings. We're in the stage of life in which we're trying to figure out what careers, passions, relationships, and faith look like on our own terms. 

We want to embrace the best of the legacy and traditions that were passed on to us from families, churches, and cultures... and we want a space to wrestle with them as well, so that we can become unique people with identities of our own. 

I have kids. Most of you don't. Is this a good thing for families?

We love kids. But you're right, at this stage, there aren't many of them around. So if we're doing a fun event in the evening, bring them! We're a relational group, and really flexible, so we'd love to make it work. 

For Sunday mornings, Cross Roads has an amazing Children's Ministry. During our 10:30am gathering, you can feel free to leave your children in very safe hands.

I have some more questions. Who can I ask?

Sean Muldowney is the Associate Pastor here at Cross Roads, and he and his wife Jenn have spearheaded this ministry. He's still a young adult himself, so he kinda gets it. You can feel free to ask him any kind of question.

Stay tuned to this page, as well as our Facebook page, for more opportunities to connect, go deep, and celebrate life together.