compassion Christmas 2022

Ignite compassion this Christmas by blessing children around the world.

Together we can positively impact the lives of children and families in need.

Choose from three specific gifts:

Global Food Crisis Bundle ($500/each)

Rescue from a Dangerous Situation ($1,150/each)

12-month Apprenticeship ($2,300/each)

*see below for details about these gifts


You can give to one or multiple gifts.

Another option, that is fun for the family, is to stop by the Compassion Christmas table on Sundays (December 4th through Sunday, December 25th). Choose an ornament (or several) from our tree that has a specific gift on the label. Your donation will go directly towards that gift you've chosen.

Together, let’s ignite compassion this Christmas, as we help deliver children from poverty in the name of Jesus!

12-month apprenticeship


Children in poverty can have a harder time launching a career. You can help teens prepare for their futures by gifting a 12-month apprenticeship. This provides teens with skills in career paths such as professional photography, medical assistance, plumbing, and even as an electrical technician.

Your gift of $2,300 covers an entire year of a teen's apprenticeship in a career field that interests them.


rescue from a dangerous situation  $1,150

A child who falls victim to abuse or violence needs to know that she has not been forgotten. Your gift will help provide counseling, relocation, medical support and legal action — and a reminder of God’s love for his children.

Your gift will:

  • Deliver an immediate response to safeguard, defend and ultimately restore the child.
  • Provide care for the whole child, from medical treatment to legal fees.




The global food crisis is expected to devastate children and families who live in extreme poverty. As this crisis worsens, you can help provide food security and relief for families, and for mothers and babies in particular. 

With your suggested gift of $500, you'll help provide:

           Emergency Food Packs - $250

           Global Food Crisis Fund - $160

           Food for a Baby & Mother - $90