9th-12th Mission Trip INfo & Registration

Detailed Information

Fast Facts

Who is the Kind Human Foundation (trip facilitator): The Kind Human Foundation is the non-profit 501(c)(3) that is set up specifically to fund clean water projects. When you give directly to Kind Human, all of your donations are tax deductible. Humankind is our for-profit beverage-selling business. It exists specifically to send funds to the Foundation, which then works with our valued partners to provide clean drinking water around the world.

Who can participate? Twenty high school students and four leaders. An application is required. To be considered a participant your deposit and application must be filled out and submitted by December 5th

Who supervises participants? We (CR) require a minimum 5 to 1 ratio on our international trips. For this trip we will have 5 students per every Cross Roads leader. The Kind Human foundation provides both international and American staff members per group. We will be working with a local ministry that will serve as a liaison between the local people and our team

How much does it cost? The cost is $1,500 (estimated) per person per week for participation fees. Your travel insurance is an additional cost ($30). Any adjustments in cost will be the participants responsibility.

What does the Kind Human Foundation provide?

  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and fresh drinking water
    • Lodging at local facility (Sosua By the Sea)
    • All materials and tools for projects
    • On-Island transportation
    • The opportunity to make an impact and change lives!

What does the Kind Human Foundation expect? Volunteers must come with a servant’s heart and mind that is flexible to change. God may surprise us with new opportunities to serve and we must be willing to follow that calling. Prepare yourself for conditions that do not include all the comforts of home. Respectfully interact with people who are different from you within your group and the community.

What about Insurance? Due to the nature and location of our ministry, and in case of an unforeseen emergency, we require EACH VOLUNTEER to have traveler’s insurance through a service such as https://triparmor.missiontripinsurance.com/ We will provide a group application and help everyone get the coverage for the trip. The cost will be an additional $30 per person per trip.

Where do groups stay?  After a hard day of work we will return to Sosua By The Sea. This hotel has been used by the Kind Human Foundation for multiple trips and they are known in the community and at the Hotel.

What is a typical day like? See letter below

How safe is the island? With any country, there is a need to be respectful of cultural differences. You must use common sense while here (don’t walk around alone, don’t leave valuables out, etc) but in everyday life there is nothing to be worried about. We take every precaution to ensure the safety of the group and the individuals in that group.

Do I need vaccinations? As long as you are up to date on routine vaccinations (including tetanus) you should be safe. Please see the letter below regarding Zika.

A Letter from the Kind Human Foundation

Hi everyone!

You’re reading this letter because you expressed interest in joining us on a Humankind Vision Team with Cross Roads Church. And you SHOULD. It’s awesome, its life changing, it will allow you to see for yourself those communities that are the very reason that Humankind exists and allows you to cast a vision for how you will use your life to leave a lasting impact.

Here are the details of the DR trip Dates: August 2-7 and Cost TBD. Roughly $1500  That includes transportation from JFK or Newark to the DR, (and in-country transportation), lodging, and meals.

Our days will be spent with 7am devotionals on the jetty -yeh, welcome to the Caribbean :)

  • Breakfast at 8 am and a briefing on what the day holds
  • Out in the community for about 2-3 hours doing one of the following: bucket filter distribution, sharing the story of the Good Samaritan, providing a meal at the local dump, etc
  • Lunch/downtime
  • Back out into the communities again
  • Dinner
  • Debriefing
  • Relax

Flexibility is KEY my friends. We try hard to keep everyone informed and yet (especially) in a developing country there can be challenges. Goats stand in roads and block traffic, drivers are late, you get the point :)

Packing list will be sent once the team is confirmed for each travel date.

Vaccinations- I strongly encourage having your tetanus shot up to date. Malaria meds are not required by the CDC in Sosua (but we could travel to other areas so this is at your discretion).  Zika is real, especially if you are pregnant or planning on being so in the next 6 months. If that’s the case please speak with your doctor prior to traveling.

So I’ll leave it at this for now. I’m sure there are lots of thoughts and questions swirling, so fire away.



Director of Missions for Kind Human, 501c3

Mission Trip Financial Deadlines

Date Due Amount
November 30 $200 (includes Deposit) non-refundable
January 30 $200 non-refundable
February 29 $300 non-refundable
March 30 $200
April 30 $200
May 30 $300
June $0
July 1 $0


How to raise the funds:
We will raise the majority of our funds through writing letters to our friends, family members and community members. Not only does writing letters raise funds but it also raises awareness and prayer support. In our letters we describe our trip, describe the financial need, and then ask for support. We ask that you write to anyone and everyone because it is not up to you whether or not they give, it is ultimately up to them. Plus even $5 puts you closer to your goal.

We help you write the letters, brainstorm and hold you accountable to following up etc. As long as you do the work and trust God to bring in the support needed you will raise the funds. The goals up above are merely amounts that we hope to have for each person by those dates. If you are donating to your own trip this can also help you stretch things out.

We will be doing a few group fundraisers to help offset the cost (pancake breakfast, envelope fundraiser) – but please keep in mind that this will only be a small portion of our fundraising effort. You are welcome to fundraise through other approved means.

Proposed Letter Writing Fundraising Timeline:
January 5th – Letter writing party/informational session. The purpose of this meeting is to help you wrap your brain around the letter writing process, you can also begin to write up your letter and brainstorm who it will go to.

January 5th-19th – Send out the letters.

February 2nd – Verbal follow up to letters

February 23rd – By this date you should know who will be giving and who will not be giving based off of the letters you wrote.  At this point if you need to write more letters you start process over again.

ONline Registration

Registration Steps:

  1. Fill out the basic CR students event application below <- this reserves your space. Your space is not reserved until your deposit is in.
  2. Fill out Kind Human Foundation information found here -> Download Application
  3. Attend first meeting - date TBD