AHHH it is almost time!

About the weekend!

Don't miss this amazing weekend! It is a chance to have the best weekend of your life! Our weekend is filled with fun, friends conversations about faith and of course food! Register today!


About Mission: One Another - Paul's letter to the people of Philippi gives us a clear insight into what it looks like to love one another. With Jesus’ Greatest Commandment as the foundation, this weekend walks through the book of Philippians and looks at four ways we can love one another well, each with challenges practical ways to take these truths home.

How to Register: Register/pay online by filling out the form above.

or you can fill out/send in a paper form along with your money (cash or checks payable to “Cross Roads BIC”) no later than Monday, October 7th.

Students will need to be at the church by  5:30 on Friday afternoon October 18th.  They should eat supper or a snack before coming to the church.  We will not be making any scheduled stops on the trip.


We plan on being back to the church around 2:30ish on Sunday afternoon.


Items to Bring

  • One suitcase – it is only 2 days so you won’t need more than that !
  • Sleeping Bag/Pillow  - please make sure your pillow is either in with your sleeping bag or in a separate bag  -- all items should be labeled with your name
  • Warm jacket
  • Sneakers – they have a gym and we’ll be using it throughout the weekend
  • Towel/Washcloth
  • Toiletries
  • A snack or drink to be put out and shared during our break times. (Example: cookies, chips, apples, soda, Hawaiian punch, water)  If you send a homemade item please put it in a disposable container.
  • Bible –if you don’t have one ask, we’ll get you one to use
  • Journal – if you have one


Items to leave at home


  • All electronic items



Please let us know if your son/daughter will be taking any prescription medications with them on the retreat.  We need to have this information in case of a medical emergency. 







Thy body shall not leave retreat grounds

Thou shall observe all Christian Retreat Center  rules

There shall be no purple (pink + blue personal contact) on this retreat weekend

Thy body shall not enter the rooms of the opposite sex

Thou shall not smoke, drink or take any illegal drugs

Thou shall be in your room by the scheduled time

Thou shall not trespass on thy neighbor’s body or self-esteem

Thou shall be at all events on time

Thou shall report any injury immediately to an adult leader

Thou shall be respectful of and follow instructions from retreat leaders

If a student disregards any of these rules, they will be taken aside by an adult leader and the incident discussed.  After considering the seriousness of the matter, the adult staff has the option of asking that student’s parents to come and take him/her home.