Making disciples that make disciples. (Matthew 28:20)


    Connecting and growing together in Jesus.

  • values

    Our Values:

    • The church should be the most welcoming place
    • Life is better connected
    • God stretches us as we pursue this mission
    • The Church's future depends on developing the next generation
    • God wants to do great things in and through us

  • affiliation

    Cross Roads is part of the Brethren In Christ denominational group of churches. 

our discipleship process

At Cross Roads we believe that growing as a disciple of Christ happens through a rather straightforward and simple process. Our process is described in three words: Worship, Serve, Connect

We believe that if you actively worship God, serve others, and find a group to connect with … you will grow in your relationship with God over time. This is the foundation or starting point for growing as a disciple of Christ.

  • Worship • Expressing your love and praise to God
  • Serve • Serving others out of your giftedness and passion
  • Connect • Finding a place where you “can do life together” with others

Why is this process so important?

  • Because lives need changing
  • Because God is not done with you yet
  • Because God is more concerned with your growth, than with your comfort
  • Because we have somehow taken the concept of discipleship and made it way too complicated
  • Because too many of us are stalled in our spiritual lives
  • Because over time … you will grow



Jesus Christ is the foundation of our values and beliefs. As a diverse family, we believe it’s important to wrestle with the Bible together. Like all families, we interpret the world through a particular lens. For us, that lens is the person, teaching, and work of Jesus Christ. Centered on Christ’s example and grounded in our history, our values and beliefs prompt us to extend the Kingdom of God in our communities and world.