Church Center FAQ's

  • Register for Events
  • Connect with (or find) a Community Group
  • Check-In your kids at CR KIDS
  • Easily and Securely Give a Donation


To get started from your desktop or laptop CLICK HERE

Question Circle FAQ

Frequently asked questions are below. 


    • Planning Center is a cloud-based service that is new to Cross Roads in 2023. Through both your computer and your smart devices, this service allows members of our church family access to many aspects of church life including serving, giving, community groups, prayer requests, check-in’s, personal info, family info, weekly sermons, and event registration & sign ups. All information is kept private and secure.

      CLICK HERE to see just a few of the things you can do with our new app.

    • A current and accurate database of the people who call Cross Roads “home” will allow us to:

      • Provide pastoral care and follow up
      • Communicate general and specific information
      • Keep you updated on various aspects of church life, including: events, community groups, check-in’s, serving opportunities, and giving.

      Again, all information is kept secure and private. 

    • The security of your personal information is extremely important and Planning Center is committed to protecting it.

      For information regarding Planning Center’s security, compliance, practices, and procedures CLICK HERE.

    • Download the Church Center App from Planning Center

      1. Use the DOWNLOAD link above or...

      2. On your smart device go to your App Store

      3. Search for the app “Church Center” from Planning Center and click “download”

      4. Enter your phone number or email (if your name doesn’t pop up with one, try the other)

      Log In to Church Center

      1. Confirm you’ve downloaded the Church Center app from Planning Center

      2. CLICK HERE and follow the instructions provided by Planning Center to Log In to the Church Center App.

      3. If you have any questions CONTACT US

rightarrow PERSONAL INFO:

    • Make sure your information stays current, so Cross Roads can continue to reach out to you. Manage your contact and profile information, as well as your household information, from the profile and settings within the new Cross Roads App.

      To update your personal profile:

      1. Make sure you've downloaded the new "Church Center" app from Planning Center. Instructions on downloading the app are found directly above.

      2. CLICK HERE AND FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS provided by Planning Center to update your information via the Church Center App.

      3. If you have any questions CONTACT US.

    • Personal contact information is accessible to our staff as well as some ministry leaders. When joining a community group you determine the level of contact information you’re comfortable sharing with your community group. All personal information is safe, confidential and secure.

      The church "Directory" is now an optional feature where you can decide which personal information you will share for each person in your household. If you are not seeing this feature on your app it may need unlocked by our Office Administrator. Please feel free to contact the church office for assistance. 

    • Your personal information is voluntary and not required to be a part of regular worship with Cross Roads Church. However, removing or failing to provide your personal information will make it challenging for Cross Roads to provide pastoral care and follow up, communicate general and specific information, and to invite you into various aspects of church life including community groups, serve opportunities, event registrations, and check-in’s. If you no longer call Cross Roads "home" or would like to have your information removed for any reason CONTACT US.


    • Yes. Previously we received both one time and recurring financial gifts via our old church app called Elexio. You will need to cancel any recurring financial gifts in Elexio and set up your giving through the new Church Center App. We recognize it’s a bit of a hassle however the change comes with two major benefits we think you’ll love:

      1. More of your financial participation through worship giving will go directly to ministry rather than banking fees
      2. Using the new giving platform will allow you instant access to your giving history at any time
  • Set Up Your Giving Online

    1. To set up new giving online, launch the new Cross Roads Church Center App and click “Give”. 

    2. OR you can use any web browser (Chrome, Safari, etc.)  CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED ONLINE

    3. CLICK HERE AND FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS provided by Planning Center to set up your giving via the Church Center App. 

    4. Note: If possible we recommend using your checking account rather than credit card so that more of your charitable contributions goes directly to the ministry, rather than transaction fees.

    5. Note: If you desire to have one charitable transaction split to multiple funds you must set that up through a web browser (Chrome, Safari, etc.) rather than the app. From a web browser, you can donate to multiple funds on the same donation form. CLICK HERE AND FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS provided by Planning Center to set up your giving via web browser.

    • You can manage your giving account from both the app and a web browser (Chrome, Safari, etc), however there are additional settings and features only available via web browser.

      WEB BROWSER:  

      • See your donation history
      • Setup/Manage Recurring donations
      • Edit payment methods
      • Get Text2Give instructions
      • Manage giving notifications
      • Download giving history
      • Download annual giving statements when they are generated at year-end.
      To access your giving settings via web browser: CLICK HERE


      • See your donation history
      • Edit Recurring donations
      • Edit payment methods
      • View Statements
      To access your giving settings in Church Center App:
      1. Launch the Church Center App
      2. Click your profile image (top right)
      3. Scroll down to Activity & Involvement
      4. Tap 'My Giving'
      CLICK HERE for more help
    • Giving information is accessible only to our Treasurer, with limited reporting access given to our Finance Team.  Your bank account and/or credit card information used for donations, is accessible ONLY to you.

  • If you have automatic recurring gifts set up, you will need to stop those (instructions below). Otherwise nothing else is needed. Cross Roads will close out all accounts with Elexio on your behalf.

    1. Go to Elexio Giving.
    2. Select "Sign In."
    3. Enter the email address associated with your giving account.
    4. Enter your password.
    5. On the next page you will see 3 options at the top of the page. Select 'Scheduled.'
    6. IF you have a recurring gift setup, that information will appear below 'Scheduled giving and payments.' On the bottom right you will see a garbage can icon with an 'X' in it. When you click that icon, a message with pop up asking if you ant to stop this set of recurring payments. Confirm by selecting 'Stop This Payment.'
    7. You're done! Please stop all use of this giving portal and see instructions above on how to set up a new account on our new platform!
    8. If you have trouble stopping your Reoccurring donation in Elexio, CONTACT OUR TREASURER, who can assist you.
    • There are many options for giving. The preferred method is Planning Center Giving to make worship giving more convenient and efficient. The church will continue to accept giving through traditional methods such as numbered offering envelopes,  cash, checks, and stock donations. If you have any questions or require assistance with giving, please CONTACT US.

    • CLICK HERE to watch a video about how to set up Giving.

      We know giving can be sensitive and setting up new technology can be challenging at times. If you have any questions or concerns we're here to help.


    • We are only moving 2022 and 2023 donations (both online and in-person) to Cross Roads Church Center.  Effective immediately, when you set up giving through Church Center, your new giving history will be present and available for viewing.  Donations given in the Sunday AM offering boxes will be available in Church Center by mid-week.  Until Cross Roads turns off the Elexio online giving app, remaining Elexio donations will be added into Church Center on a monthly basis, so if you do not see an Elexio donation, check back a few weeks later.  If you need giving history for any prior years, please CONTACT OUR TREASURER


    • Planning Center Check-in’s is our new service to register and check-in your children. Once you download the new app you’ll have the option to check-in your kids before service, allowing you to more quickly print name tags once you arrive in the CR KIDS lobby. We hope the new feature will help you and your kiddos get into your respective worship services more quickly. If you have any questions about Planning Center Check-in’s CONTACT US.

    • Planning Center Check-in’s is our new service to register and check-in students for their weekend and midweek student events. If you have any questions about Planning Center Check-in’s CONTACT US.