Giving FAQs

Q: What is online giving?

Online giving is the ability to give a donation or schedule a series of donations on our website, using your checking account, savings account, or credit card.

Q: Is online giving secure?

All account information is entered on a secure page on our site. You log into your account with your email address and password. No one has access to your data unless authorized by you.

Q: Are there any charges or fees to give online?

There is a small administrative fee, paid by the church for all online donations.  But this fee is not passed on to you.  The dollar amount that you select for your gift will be the amount that is recognized as your donation.  

Q: Can I try out online giving just one time?

Sure.  Simply use the ‘Give Now’ option, instead of ‘Sign In’ option on the giving page, for a one-time donation.  This one-time donation will not be added to your giving record.

Q: Can I set up an automatic online giving schedule?

Yes. You can choose weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly giving schedules. Adjustments to the frequency or amount can be made at any time by signing in, and changing or deleting your Reoccurring Donation.

Q: How will I know when my donation will be withdrawn from my account?

One-time donations will automatically be withdrawn on the next banking day.  Reoccurring donations will begin on the start date you specify, and will continue to be withdrawn on the scheduled frequency until you cancel or modify the request. You will also receive a confirmation after the donation has been posted.

Q: Can I make an online debit card or credit card donation?

Yes, several credit cards are currently accepted by Cross Roads.  However, American Express is not accepted, due to a higher administrative fee. 

Q: How do I designate my gift to more than one fund or ministry?

Enter the amount you want to give to the first ministry, and select the designated fund in the ‘Fund’ box. Then click '+ Add Donation Amount' to add additional donation lines.

Q: The ministry I want to donate to is not in the list of Designated Funds.

Select 'Other-Provide Comments' in the list of Funds. Then provide a description in the 'Comments' field. The ministry you wish to donate to must be an approved 501c(3) non-profit organization.

Q: I did not receive a confirmation email after my donation was given.

Check the 'junk mail' settings on your email account. You may need to add to your email address book.

Q: Can I keep a record of the amount I have contributed?

All contributions to Cross Roads Church are recorded in our secure database, and can be viewed in the following locations:

  • In the 'Elexio Community' mobile app on your mobile phone or tablet
  • In the Church Directory.  When you sign into the directly, your giving will appear In your personal profile.
  • On the giving page, after you Sign In, click the ‘History’ tab, to view donations.

Q: I currently use the offering envelope system. Are my offering envelope contributions also in the database?

Yes, donations given via the offering envelope system, or via a personal check are also recorded in our database.  This allows you to have a complete picture of your donations to Cross Roads Church.  Sunday AM donations are received and deposited, however the donation records may not be updated for several days.  If you do not see your donation immediately, check back a few days later.  

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