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Communicating with Your Teen eBook

Do you ever feel like attempting to communicate with your teenager is similar to the game Telephone? You know, the game where you have a group of people sit in a circle and one person comes up with a message to relay to the entire group--a message that is whispered to one person at a time until it gets to the last person. The message will often begin with something like “I love to eat toast for breakfast” and end with a completely distorted message like “My cat loves to nap.” And when the final message is said aloud to the entire group, laughter erupts and you all wonder “how did we get to that?!”

Unfortunately, miscommunication in the home usually leads to anger and frustration rather than belly-laughs. Effective communication is crucial for the healthy functioning of a family. This guidebook will briefly walk parents through some of the barriers to effective communication with their teens and how to avoid them. Additionally, parents will learn the impact of communication with your teen on matters of faith. The communication skills outlined in this guide are not only useful in the context of home, but also in relationships outside of the family.

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  • 28 Days Scripture & Prayers for Parents

    There is no tougher job, and no greater calling than that of a parent. The powerful role a parent plays in their child’s life cannot be overestimated. Your kids are drawing their cues on what it looks like to follow Christ from you more than they are any other person. This can be an incredibly motivating, convicting, and overwhelming thought. You won’t always get it right or perfect. But you can always pray.

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  • Digital Engagement Workbook for Parents

    This is a 12-page booklet for parents to work through and come up with a strategic game plan or code of conduct for technological engagement.

    There are four sections to the workbook:

    1. Devices: Take inventory of each family member's technological devices, assess the level of engagement in those devices, and discuss findings.

    2. Social Media/Digital Connections: Take inventory of each family member's social media accounts, assess the level of awareness on those platforms, and discuss findings.

    3. Digital Code Of Conduct: Exercises to help consider ways in which a family can engage healthily and redemptively in their digital reality.

    4. Rules and Boundaries: Questions for coming up with rules and boundaries for the family.

    Each section is intended to start with parents assessing and discussing, but also provides opportunities to bring the whole family into the discussion.

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  • Helping Parents Understand some basics of mental illness

    Help parents navigate the dark and lonely path that mental health issues can put teenagers on.

    Topics -
    • What is Mental Health? What is Mental Illness?
    • Mental illness indicators
    • Mental Illness Descriptions
    • How Do I Have a Conversation with My Child about Mental Health?
    • How Can I Find Help for My Child?

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    Here are some more quick downloadable resources just for you!

    Anxiety Conversation Guides: Helping a child or teen with anxiety is a challenge. Download the age-appropriate resource for your child or teen for tips and practical ways you can help.

    Crisis Conversation Guides: Our world is filled with tragic events, and sometimes that tragedy hits close to home. Use these guides to have a conversation with your child or teen and help them navigate tough situations.

    Family Movie Nights with Discussion Guides: Here is a direct link to discussion guides for a bunch of movies. Some are old some are new but it is a chance to engage with your student! Click here to see the downloads available!

    Link to miscellaneous downloads - devotionals etc.

Dear Parents,

Parents don't forget, you are the number-one influence in students’ lives. We want to do our best at partnering with you!  Here are some great ways to partner with us:

  1. Be a cheerleader for our ministry. That can be one of the best outreach tools out there. Your commitment to seeing your student involved in our ministry is also key.
  2. Communicate, communicate, communicate! If you like something, let us know! If you have a problem or concern let us know! If we don’t know, we can’t help or encourage.
  3. We want to help start spiritual conversations at home, so don’t be afraid to ask what went on at one of our gatherings or small groups. Dialogue with your student and generate spiritual discussion. Don’t let them off easy.
  4. Know the purpose and values of each event and help us communicate that to your student.
  5. Actively pray for our student ministry, the staff and the students.
  6. Join our leadership team for the right reasons. Don’t join if you just want to keep an eye on your son or daughter. Join because you love Jesus, our ministry and students.
  7. Make student ministries a priority because it has the potential to be a powerful impact on your student’s spiritual life. Plan ahead so conflicts don’t arise.

We will do our best to provide resources for you to actively participate in each of these opportunities for partnership! So enjoy the free resources!

Phillip Allen
Youth Pastor

Cross Roads Church
717.653.1616 - Office